conference 2

29 Mar

i was hoping and wishing that i was able to get an experience…like one that other people were having but then i realised that i already had something.I felt God’s presence two different types and it was completely amazing and i felt it before but i havent felt it in a long time and i missed it. So He had already granted me what i wanted and had prayed for. SO THANKK U GOD for being able to bask in your presence once again. It was just amazing i missed it soo much. Yea He didnt grant me those experiences but i had experienced some before and my mind was absolutely clear these past two days so i already have so much to be thankful for i just had to remember it. I still cant wait for another type of experience. Im still in awe of what Ive been seeing these past two days 🙂

I saw people being drunk in the holy spirit, the speaker’s face was red and they were really drunk but it was with the holy spirit it was soo much better! The real thing was soo much better than the counterfeit that we use which is alcohol!And holy laughter is well laughing but it was cool cause i havent heard it before.

And i asked the Holy spirit to come inside of me i didnt feel like something but when i said the prayer i felt Him there.But the experience afterwards was rather odd. People were trying to force us to speak in tongues and it didnt feel calm or peaceful anymore it felt confusing rushed annoying and tense.Cause i was asked to say hallelujah but i didnt want to and she kept on forcing until i just said okay okay and repeated after her but i was more focused on keeping her quiet.And to try on my own time.And that one should pray for the person receiving the Holy spirit.


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