24 Mar

seriously this all sounds so screwed up.we say other places places are resisting have they come here?there was way more open than here anyway…fire and joy and love that was in those hearts burn more than the people who are going there or those of us over here.Resisting????hello…which place doesnt have warfare -.- so everywhere else dont have ah?only there or certain places?!?!?! excuse me havent been there dont act like u know.

trying to act like its something that isnt…to me its pointless…its kind of like lying to ourselves…

so many heads it doesnt even make sense.dont feel like following or listening to people who dont deserve it.and technically the leaders dont really care as long as got someone there to do the sound.so nothing much to tell them really unless changing members lor…if not they dont bother either…seems like only in front matters …reminder im here to serve God not people so just do my job n love it i guess


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