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come back to this

19 Feb

I had something i wanted to say but i keep on forgetting…but on another note i know that position doesnt make a leader but that doesnt equate to putting people in leadership positions if they will never earn the ‘position’ in that sense.

if nobody is willing to be critical then we will never learn…on the other hand being too critical is bad too i guess.

I’m sorry we force people to be leaders and take up things they dont want to do…but if you dont want. Quit lah…sheesh 

13 Feb




( this picture has absolutely no link but it looks like as if the dog is posing….sooo cute)

God is gracious but i dont think he is stupid.Think at times we treat him like he is more of stupid rather than gracious.



11 Feb

guess we still have alot of learning before you come huh…


10 Feb

If we want you to come we gotta be ready and if all of us are ready and u come but the leaders arent we will just fall back down again because in the long run we can only go as high as the leaders can go.

If leadership is a slow processed then why do we microwave them and give them the title and pretend that the person is a full fledged leader if we are still babies and not even close to being a leader?

God takes days, months or years to make a person into a leader so as humans how can we do it in a few days or even months?if we do microwave them, shouldn’t there be a mentor one on one afterwards to slowly mould the person into one that can fit the title?

If we are not inquisitive are we ready to learn how to be a leader?Out of the many characteristics what are those that are needed in a leader?


7 Feb

There is this little girl who once told me that if she could write a book on how God provided for her, she’s write about all her taxi rides.How every single sunday she would get her wish. English speaking, knows the way and comes now.This might seem like an easy request , but she can honestly tell u the number of times or rather every single time she would get a chinese speaking taxi driver and maybe he even pretended or didnt know the way and she did not really know how to direct him or her.But after praying for the past year, she has always gotten a taxi driver that fulfilled her list of requirements.Some may think its not that amazing, but to this little girl its a miracle.

Last sunday she was standing outside waiting for a taxi, she waved her hands but most of them were full so she decided to rub her eyes and low and behold there was a taxi that stopped right in front of her.A few minutes ago there was no taxi in sight, and now there was one who decided to stop and asked her if she needed a ride.He was a christian as well, on his way to church and she was his last trip before heading to church.Now that was an interesting experience as she talked to him about church she got her ride to church as well.

Give a ten , and you give back twenty on the day itself from someone whom she did not know and most probably did not know her very well. Maybe as a name of someone who was the daughter of a preacher other than that a stranger.Thank you God:)