Archive | January, 2011


25 Jan

I had the most sweetest strawberries today 🙂 its from nepal…. hehes and its super duper sweet not like any strawberries ive tasted before.And the best part?It looks imperfecthappy

i went back to listening for chris tomlin for the past two days now…its sooo nice and haix the words have meaning that. I wonder if we can actually take it and use it in our daily lives?we gotta try i suppose heart Its definitely worth it!!


24 Jan

I DONT SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SPOILT PEOPLE.Or why say it when i dont think i need to say it to you cause u always seem to spoil mine as well or scold me for no reason or complain just cause it doesnt suit u but when its other people that want it you’re excitedly spreading how good the stuff was but i cant go there with you cause it simply doesnt work it your world cause its not what you no point i change to fit your demands just for one day -.- then im lying too isnt it.Constantly getting attitude from you and saying like as if i dont work hard or i dont give a damn or i dont have my own views simply pushing yours into mine and expecting me to still wish you??dream on… 

7 Jan

Are we baby-like christians or child-like ones?


6 Jan

For the past two days ive had a dinner outside , only to come back and have dinner at home…hehes my own home made dinner…


3 Jan



Read something…it went like this sometimes God is like a mirror.You smile and He will smile.You cry and He will cry.But there’s one thing that He can’t do:that’s turning His back from you when you turn your back from Him.