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What do you think?

27 Dec

He patiently waits 6 and a half days for us to sing a couple of songs and listen to someone talk about him so we can get to know him even better.And for the rest of the time he does everything that we ask him.Is it that hard for us to give up 2 hours out of our 7 days for someone who waits patiently for 6 n half days and does everything we ask and gives us more than we could ever dream of?Instead if talking and giving that time to someone else…why not give it to him instead?


26 Dec

Are we really growing? or do we just think that we are?

happy bday

24 Dec

Happy birthday God n Jesus!!! 🙂 i guess u guys are old hahas but look forever young (hahas something alot of us would like to havehappy) Anyways hope that we wont forget you in all the celebration and wish u a happy birthday and try out VERY BEST to make it a great birthday for u !!After all its your day…so what do u want for your birthday?



9 Dec

I wish

9 Dec

I wish i could explain…but i cant…if i could i wish i could explain that there IS something more than what we experienced now and that is sooo much more real and absolutely amazing and yet indescribable and each person will never have the same experience because each one is unique and specifically made for each person by name.But do we want it?Will we listen ?Will we ask for it?


6 Dec

Imagine a room filled with youths…praying not for a wish list of things to be fulfilled , but for each other in pairs or threes and the best part(dunno if it is)….they didnt ask each other what the other person needed or wanted they just prayed for each other whatever they wanted to pray or thought they should pray for each other …and when they were done they turned around to face the cross or the stage and TALKED TO GOD about everything and anything that they wanted to not prayed( in the sense of just stating things but rather become the person whom he can share and just have a talk with…with coffee?biscuits?)and simply spent time with him instead of talking to their friends after they were done.

Now…how awesmazing would that be?