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16 Nov

learnt not to always only focus on reading the word…we may just miss out on the simplest of lessons and think that the only way we will grow is by reading the word and nothing else.


12 Nov

Dont ever ignore those who seem quiet or do not have the leadership qualities or rather task driven in fact pay attention to them, not because of something special their parents have done but bother because its the right thing to do.Care and give those that do not seem to possess the qualities that make them a leader , and make them a leader because they can just surprise you.

Simple or complex?

7 Nov

We often seem to forget the simplest meanings behind those facts and underestimate their usefulness and the fact that we already know them.So when we are explained those facts we shut our ears at times and think its alright i already know them.Forgetting that the simplest of all things are the most important things that we constantly need to hear and be reminded and taught.

If you want God to say well done , you gotta do what he says!

4 Nov

If you want God to say well done , you gotta do what he says!

Sometimes we may think that if we try our best and do everything we think that we should do He will say good job and i’ll take care of the rest.While that is true, God telling you well done, may be a totally different story…Cause perhaps if we want to hear him say well done, we have to do what he says and not do what we think is the right thing no matter how impossible it may be for the solution not to work.

Will you kiss me?

2 Nov