26 Oct

Lesson 1

When God chooses people to do certain tasks, he doesnt choose those who are full of confidence that they are able to do it, rather he choose those who think that they arent able to accomplish it.What for choose the strong when you can choose the weak.Only when people who think and wonder whether can they do it, will be able to learn from the task.He doesnt give us things that we are already capable of, in fact he does the complete opposite, so that we learn to trust and wait on him because of that fear and hesitancy that we might or will not be able to do what he has asked us to do.Simply because either it is not in our nature or we think that it is not us who is suppose to do it.

Lesson 2

When we forget to let God take control, he will be patient and remind us again, and again, and again for as long as it takes….no point thinking that we know the way cause it’ll only work out for a short while, after that it will fail leaving us to pick up the pieces again and once again we have to let him remind us that we need to let him lead the way if we ever want us to be living for him and living out the plans he has for us.

Lesson 3

If you want to be the great in God’s kingdom, you’ve got to be the servant of all.I learnt a song about it with those exact same lyrics when i was younger, and i’ll admit that while the song stayed stuck in my head, i only understood it a while back.To be his servant, is to do his will, fulfill his needs and do whatever he wanted whether you are hesitant(be it at first or during the way or not) and only then will you be great in God’s kingdom. 

Lesson 4

Its not whether you are hesitant as to whether you are able to do it or not, but rather at the end of the day are you willing to give it up to God or still holding all your worries in your heart.


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