25 Oct

In life, I learnt  about persistence recently is from the weirdest place…my Korean drama playful kiss.She was so persistent in getting his love that she would everything and even with the setbacks he gave or that other people gave she would push through and eventually she got married.But that in other words is simply the hunger and the determination we need in order to do what God wants us to do in our lives.Whenever we think that there is a problem and we ask for his help, and we feel that he is not replying…we should persistently hunger and ‘irritate’ and constantly ask God and only then will we get our answer.When we get it the results are the best thing we could have ever dreamed of.

Here is another point of view, God loves us soooo much that he will continually tell us that he loves us and showers us with his love, only to wait patiently for us to love him back.I think it is one of the most or it is the most painful thing in life, to love someone sooooo much but the person is just ignoring you until the person needs you.And all you can do is to wait and hope that one day the person will love you back.Just like in my drama, she loved him soo much, no matter how much he ignored her or hurt her, be it marking her love letters or just making her cry due to hurtful words or just toying with her feelings…she couldn’t give him up because her love for him was sooo great.And eventually he fell in love with her due to her love for him(be it her actions or words…it worked).In the same way God will never give up on us even if we constantly ignore his love.All he does is wait patiently and try his best to tell us, be it with people telling us or our thoughts or in any other way.And then one day when finally understand and appreciate and return back his love for us, there is rejoicing in the kingdom of heaven and our for us, we’ll be the happiest people because we have a love that is unfathomable(if there is such a word),so great and awesome and beautiful that nothing else can ever measure up to it.

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