26 Sep

very often we think that we suffer because there is a lesson…while that may very well be true i think the other part that we forget more often than not is that we suffer so as to be able to share it with others, that they may learn in the process as well.

my friend told me that we have nothing to begin with and that everything we have, even the beating of our heart, is given by God and is a privilege not a right.We forget quite often that it is a privilege to live our lives and with everything that we have, we just focus on the bad and our sufferings.However life was given as a gift to begin with and not as something we have earned.The gift of life is a wonderful thing and along with it comes the gift of love.So combine these things together and we are able to comprehend why we go through trials and tribulations just a slight bit more and how we can use it and go through it with love instead of our other emotions getting in our way.


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