9 Sep

Singlish oddly enough, has had a history of its own.From the beautiful english language that we know of, we have ‘murdered it’.(or so i’ve heard…)People have tried to enforce us to change the way we speak, from english classes to tv shows they have tried to change the way we speak.You know what?It has worked… we have lost alot of our singlish slang, and along with it our culture, history and home.The joy that has come from speaking in that particular way, has been known as a skill which one should not have in their lives.

Yet it amazes me that only now do we realise the uniqueness of singlish and have cherished it with books and articles commenting on our frequent usage of singlish and the different types of phrases that we use. And how one short sentence can become so grammatically incorrect and therefore is now an amusement to us and to foreigners as well.However , little do we realise how much of the language that (we were once known to have murdered) we have lost.From a vide variety of terms and phrases, it has shortened down to a few main ones that we publish in a book and constantly talk about.

To me, we have belittled singlish, its lack of formality has caused us to lose something so precious in our society.Our society that has been built up by different people of different nations, we took culture from people and when we finally have something to call our own we say that it is improper and slowly lose it.


lol i tried to write it with good english…hope it works.happyirony though since im voting for singlish


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