9 Sep

I learnt something, however i have no clue whether it is correct so it is just an guess. I have always wondered why do people(with no answer, it is a never ending round of question and answer) say God gives us free will when he knows our future?How can be free will be given when he knows what is going to happen and he choses our path for us?How can the path of free will be intertwined with the path of him knowing our future?

What if we had one life but two paths?The first path is the path God made for us placing everything for us, both good and bad things in our lives and our second path is the one that we take when we are born.Still walking along his path but instead the options given in our lives is our free will.Its the same path but at the end the choices that we made is not what he has in mind but rather it is our free will and his knowledge(his knowledge of the life we lead) that we have taken it.

Perfect in God’s own way, balance in each and every sense and yet unbalance(to my human mind i guess)


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