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29 May

There was a little girl who was sitting down and listening and reading when she remembered how small she was and big he was.Yet he loved,cared and forgave her.He had so many things to manage, so many things on his to do list yet everytime she prayed he stopped and listened despite how many things he had had to do.And everytime she thought she was more important than he was, he didnt stop listening, he just continued being there knowing that later on in life she’ll realise that she’ll love him, listen to him,trust him and give him everything.

The one thing that makes life so worthwhile to her was to receive that love and give it back with all her heart.Many times blindness takes over, we forget that he has so many things to manage at one time, yet we demand him to take care of our problems, our wants first and not his.Not listen to him and remember that he knows best.So she was sorry, and wanted to remember once again that loving him first is the best thing in life.


this little girl

28 May

This little girl had been rather busy lately and nothing much to write so she decided to sum up all of her activities and pick two of her favourite ones(or the ones that she could remembersilly)

First thing…she was hanging out with her friends when her friend decided to blow into a cup with ice…and the sound was super cool!!lol or to her anyways…So she took the cup and blew….and the sound came…LOUD AND CLEAR!!!

Second thing…she realised that alot of people changed their physical appearances that seemed to be preventing or slowing them down from doing normal activities.But thats when she realised that was what differentiated everyone.Their little quirks or problems that everyone associated it with them.The little problems that made life a little more troublesome was the thing that made it special and unique instead of it being the same ordinary thing…

luv this pic

6 May

lols i just absolutely luvvv this pic heart heart heart heart hahas no meanings so sam n lz dnt think so much silly BUTTT I REALLY DO LOVEE THIS PICTURE !!! heart heart heart