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i totally agree with this statement

25 Apr

hahas im not emo or anything lol…but i found this pic soo cute and absolutely true :):) soo i put it up here btw…it isnt mine so dont take it from here.


22 Apr

The little girl was watching a show when it occurred to her that every single day there are many many people suffering all over the world.Especially in third world countries, and alot of people know it,seen it and experienced it first hand.However, every single time they often forget to think that the exact same thing could happen where they live.It seemed to her that just because they think that they lived in another part of the world, where their lives seem so much more fortunate they forget about the other part of our own country where people have stories of sufferings in the exact same way.Not being able to live a proper life…no money…So before they prepare themselves for the suffering of those poorer than themselves in the third world countries as and when they visit why not open your eyes and see those who need your difference in their lives now.Right next to you.


13 Apr

sylvanian families …they are toys absolutely adorable TOYS…as shown in the picturesylvanian-families-homes-babblebrook-grange N91

My goal:to collect or nearly or everything if possible hehes and play with them of course…all the houses,dolls,sets…ahhhh


13 Apr

Lol i found an interesting activity to do.
Step 1.Look at the sun and stare at it for a few seconds
Step 2.Look at the person’s face beside you
Step 3.Look closely…you’ll be able to see small little hairs
HAHAHAHAHHAS its funny welll for me anyways

wedding of their dreams

10 Apr

Quite a few girls or perhaps more than a few have the dream of the wedding of their dreams.Perhaps not the whole vision but a small part of it,their favourite dress,their bridesmaids,the food,the place…I was watching bride wars and they were talking on how one changes to fit into a vera wang not the other way around.And their perfect dress to start off their life together.However most say that the wedding day if for the bride and no one else.Its their day to shine,and how the perfect dress with the best of friends and the greatest place will create memories she will never forget.So will a girl’s dress make or break it?