5th day

22 Mar

the little girl was sitting in the car looking out of the windows wishing that she was able to be like the wind being blown to and fro softly and gently at times but at others fast and cold constantly rushing here and there.At times she wanted to be where she was, sitting in the car doing nothing but admire the beauty of the ocean, the sky and the fields.However,there were times where she wished that she was back at home having nothing to do with the holiday here and talking and laughing once again.

She has learnt the beauty of home and the beauty of love(even now and ever after are great stories!!)That love is not something that everybody is able to find but once you find it,letting it go would be a waste.Ohh mann for a love story like that…lol on the other hand the guy died in the war -.- so not that great after all but still the sweetness of such a love story is absolutely such a tear jerker.wahhh

now for another cute picture…and to lz nooo im not trying to be cuter than you or follow your blog…hahahas and to the rest hehes enjoy the pictures



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