fourth day

21 Mar

 lol 2 more days left then on wednesday im flying back to singapore!whee hello tv and malls…ive missed u soo much(shopping and chuck and kdramas here i come!!)Okay so today mainly saw scenery of the ocean(BUT ITS A HUGE OCEAN) and the wind is like one huge big WHOOSH.Once i get out of the car(which is kinda warm despite the aircon being turned on) the wind just whooshes pass me and its like half freezing half warm -.- hahahas nice though.We went to the national park (or reserve?)and it felt like as if the wind could just blow you away.And the scenery was beautiful!And the hotel is really nice it has like 3 floors and one could see the view of the ocean from the windows(there are like 5 connected in each room)…lovess it  but still kinda waiting for weds…lol

okayy cute picture time

tumblr_kvlykw7Pq61qazko2o1_400lol awws this picture is for my book(the love story there is really the best!!)i honestly wish love was like that…awws


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