two perceptions/outlooks and one love story

4 Mar

  There was this little girl who was walking back one day and she saw a short girl and a tall boy.This short girl was shorter than her,wearing a school uniform, looks younger from behind but has the voice of a normal teenage girl.Now, the boy was taller than her,wearing home clothes and looked his age(or so she assumed).At first,it was peaceful and the sound one could hear was the soft steps of shoes or bicycles riding pass.She looked at the two people in front, and wondered whether were they a couple or were they siblings.Then she noticed,the short strides he took (despite his long legs) in order to ensure that he was never in front, always beside.How there was one hand constantly behind her protecting her,ensuring that she was safe everytime a bicycle passed.How he kept the conversation was interesting as and when the girl demanded for him to talk due to his sudden lack of topics or perhaps words on this particular night.How he walked her home to ensure her safety despite all the cars and the lights and the constant flow of people walking either one way or the other.
It could be that either she was a school girl and he was in poly(perhaps?) and that they were in love since secondary school…and he was walking back with her after her school or just after a rather tiring day or date.And it was so sweet to continue to fetch her or just spend what little time they had despite him being able to do so many other things since it was his holiday.
But what if she was a poly student as well….would we take the same story and perceive it differently?Instead, it would be just a couple having fun or perhaps they were each other’s key to preventing boredom or they just enjoyed each other’s company.Whichever it may be,would the story be as sweet or instead be the same story everybody knows?


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