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27 Mar

hmm the little girl has another story…and so here it goes.She was often curious as to what the world held,however she hardly ever took the time to see the beauty of it.So one night she stood outside,looked at the sky and she saw amidst a dark sky, small little lights that gave a glimmer of hope and it just brightened up the night’s sky.It was the prettiest sight she had ever seen,full of stars despite it being in singapore.She closed her eyes,just for a second and wished that it could be like this every night.Being able to see a glimmer of hope in the dark sky.

6th day

23 Mar

tumblr_kygeswVJ5r1qazko2o1_500  lol need it

5th day

22 Mar

the little girl was sitting in the car looking out of the windows wishing that she was able to be like the wind being blown to and fro softly and gently at times but at others fast and cold constantly rushing here and there.At times she wanted to be where she was, sitting in the car doing nothing but admire the beauty of the ocean, the sky and the fields.However,there were times where she wished that she was back at home having nothing to do with the holiday here and talking and laughing once again.

She has learnt the beauty of home and the beauty of love(even now and ever after are great stories!!)That love is not something that everybody is able to find but once you find it,letting it go would be a waste.Ohh mann for a love story like that…lol on the other hand the guy died in the war -.- so not that great after all but still the sweetness of such a love story is absolutely such a tear jerker.wahhh

now for another cute picture…and to lz nooo im not trying to be cuter than you or follow your blog…hahahas and to the rest hehes enjoy the pictures


fourth day

21 Mar

 lol 2 more days left then on wednesday im flying back to singapore!whee hello tv and malls…ive missed u soo much(shopping and chuck and kdramas here i come!!)Okay so today mainly saw scenery of the ocean(BUT ITS A HUGE OCEAN) and the wind is like one huge big WHOOSH.Once i get out of the car(which is kinda warm despite the aircon being turned on) the wind just whooshes pass me and its like half freezing half warm -.- hahahas nice though.We went to the national park (or reserve?)and it felt like as if the wind could just blow you away.And the scenery was beautiful!And the hotel is really nice it has like 3 floors and one could see the view of the ocean from the windows(there are like 5 connected in each room)…lovess it  but still kinda waiting for weds…lol

okayy cute picture time

tumblr_kvlykw7Pq61qazko2o1_400lol awws this picture is for my book(the love story there is really the best!!)i honestly wish love was like that…awws

third day

20 Mar

 woohoo third day…hmms today i did alot of stuff i went to see koala bears,kangeroos(fed it too:P)and wallaby(fed that too:P) and i even sat in the FREEZING COLD just to see the smallest penguins in the world walk to their burrows hehes.They are so cute!!!They walked in either a group or in two lines to their burrows.And they can travel at about 1 to 2 km per hour if they swim its about 5 to 6! omgg they are super cute and are about 33 cm…hehes thats how small they are.hmm i also went to the chocolate factory and i saw like A TON OF THINGS IN CHOCOLATE!!!!YUMMMMMshall think of somemore to write later.

hahas now for another cute picture:P

tumblr_kwe5b1nU631qazko2o1_400 noww this is for sam…hehes

second day

19 Mar

 second day…

the little girl stood outside the market with big eyes amazed at all the cute things she could find.She bought several cute things and saw real live CHICKS!!!After which her family went to nandos which had excellent chicken and fries.YUMMM  then they walked and walked and walked.During the tram ride she saw a cow on a tree(fake of course,it was suppose to be a work of art)lol and other stuff.After that she went for italian food with her parent’s friends anddd omgg it was beautiful absolutely yummmy.She wanted to go for more and more and more.

okayy now another cute picture.I just love her monsters.



18 Mar

lol found out that im not a shopping kind of girl when i go overseas.Lol hmm maybe im not a shopping kind of girl at all…hehes who knows?maybe im one of those geeky girls that sit in a little corner all day reading a book or using the computer.

first day

18 Mar

 The little girl walked into the terminal and saw japanese students,andmany other people that intrigued her.After she was bored of looking and trying to understand them she focused all her energy on drawing.Well,shading actually,mixing different colours TRYING to create a beautiful picture.It wasn’t long before she was able to board into the plane,now that was when her adventure began.She looked around and saw the different bits and pieces of the plane that made it so unique.Not only that she saw the different things they did to allow the plane to take off.Soon after,the plane began to move,slowly but surely.She saw the signs outside the window slowly getting blurrer and blurrer, and then she was flying!The little girl sat looking out at her surroundings and what she saw was a massive display of lights.Lights that formed beautiful pictures if one were to look from the sky.However, after awhile the little girl’s picture slowly faded iunto darkness.And so she went watching the blind side,eating supper(and a few hours before that she ate dinner hehes).

P.s. going to put one random picture for each day of my here is my first one…isnt it cutetumblr_kviy18jXwp1qazko2o1_400

15 Mar

isnt it absolutely cute!!!!!

14 Mar

these pictures are from

They always say that a picture speaks a thousand words.So here it is tadaaa and even a few words to help …hahahas