a little girl away from the rest of the world.

26 Feb

   There was once a little girl.She often spent her time looking out the window,taking bit and pieces of what she knew of the world and putting it together to form a puzzle.Now,this puzzle had both happiness and sadness.Prone to hurt, and the realities of this world.(that not all dreams could and would come true.)Yet, she had come to depend on this joy that she often thought the world had.However, when she was let out into the world,her view changed.What she knew of the world was not reality,and this left the little girl trapped.Lonely and sad, she threw away what she knew to become something else.Something else in order to fit in with the world, or to simply just ignore the world.But that did not mean it did not leave a scar.On the contrary, it left a hole.Now, this hole was filled up by other things of this world.And the little girl’s dreams and hopes of her life, her world and her as a being was lost into the vastness of the universe.


One Response to “a little girl away from the rest of the world.”

  1. annemahendran February 27, 2010 at 9:06 am #

    Are you okay, sweetie?

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