18 Jan

i felt like writing, however i had absolutely no idea what to write.(an idea just came to me)hahahas.So i typed in random pics and this was what i got.hahahas found it amusing.
Have you ever imagined yourself as either deaf or blind?or perhaps even both?Earlier, i was watching a show were the triplets were born deaf and blind due to the medicine they had taken as a result of their premature birth.I saw the struggles that the mom had to go through, learning to accept that your child will never be able to experience the world like you do.See the sunset, hear the voices…However one of the triplets was able to save some of her eyesight and is currently wearing glasses, while all three of them have hearing aids and one of the triplets has prostatic eyes in order to help her see.On one hand it was such a joyful sight to see them being able to slowly hear and see however it made me realise that even without that these triplets had their own world and a wonderful world at that.One full of taste,smell and touch.People often forget that these senses are important, and they have a whole world of their own.If only we would give them a chance to see it.
God thank you for my all my 5 senses.


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