do we ever truly understand someone?

5 Jan

when we say we understand someone, i often wonder what does it truly mean.After all one can only understand as much as the friend is willing to allow.However no matter how much we can say we undertsand you and we know what you’re thinking , we often forget to remember that in actual fact a person is a ruled by a big ball/mess of emotions no matter how much we may want to disagree.These emotions prevent us from acting normally and shows our sadness ,happiness, anger…etc. And no wonder how much a person can say that i will try to understand you or i have understood you does not mean that the person will understand the emotions behind it, as a matter of fact it is usually the situation that the person is able to comprehend.Thus leaving you still helpless and in a whirl of emotions.


One Response to “do we ever truly understand someone?”

  1. annemahendran January 6, 2010 at 6:10 am #

    How very true.

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