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27 Jan

if you can guess this song, you’ll know im feeling a little childish
Some boys can waltz.

Some guys can groove.

Strike an elegant pose.

Wear the really hip clothes.

Some seem to have no faults.

But we never like those.

No, we don’t.

He’ll praise your eyes.

Your melodious laugh.

Call you more lovely than others by half.

The one who’s right.

My gorgeous prince.

Will be honest and true.

He’ll believe in me, too.

And prize your heart of gold the way I do.

hahahas i fell in love with this song AGAINNNNN…ohh wells i guess i shall just have to enjoy my childhood


24 Jan

To love someone is a fantasy or rather to be able to love at all is a privilege.So always be open to love and all the gifts that it brings along.(not just for one person but love for the whole world and never ever forget love for God)

i love you

21 Jan

kittenhug i_love_you-755604 Yack-I-love-you-54353 iloveyou-01 ab9700916a9653896b006cdce1656acb i-do-i-love-you
random search of pictures after reading anne’s post on i love you


20 Jan

hahahahahas was reading a blog on ten reasons why women rock:P now the points that struck me the most was and i quote’3. Yes it’s creepy, and gross, but we can bleed for a week and not die…..ha. ha. ‘ and ‘1. It’s Biblical. Adam got sad and lonely and so God made him a partner, enter WOMAN!! She completed man and brought forth children onto the earth, which brings me to my next point…’ and my last point(but definitely not the least ‘boobs…welll they don’t look good on guys do they’


18 Jan

i felt like writing, however i had absolutely no idea what to write.(an idea just came to me)hahahas.So i typed in random pics and this was what i got.hahahas found it amusing.
Have you ever imagined yourself as either deaf or blind?or perhaps even both?Earlier, i was watching a show were the triplets were born deaf and blind due to the medicine they had taken as a result of their premature birth.I saw the struggles that the mom had to go through, learning to accept that your child will never be able to experience the world like you do.See the sunset, hear the voices…However one of the triplets was able to save some of her eyesight and is currently wearing glasses, while all three of them have hearing aids and one of the triplets has prostatic eyes in order to help her see.On one hand it was such a joyful sight to see them being able to slowly hear and see however it made me realise that even without that these triplets had their own world and a wonderful world at that.One full of taste,smell and touch.People often forget that these senses are important, and they have a whole world of their own.If only we would give them a chance to see it.
God thank you for my all my 5 senses.


16 Jan

hahahas feeling fat, getting fatter, ahhhh must stopp eating!!!lols i shall and i will not fully but definitely ALOTTT less.Even if it makes me sadd…hahahahas then i shall get skinner hahahas not skinny..I think thats impossible.But skinner i cannn hahahahs!!

kid wishlist

11 Jan

hahahas call me a kid if you must, but i have several here it is
1.i want to visit all the disneylands, universal studios,disneyworld in the world
disneyland paris_1195132957
2.i want to eat the chocolate i ate today…its super nice some cadbury chocolate with raspberry and vanilla flavouring
3.i want to ski again and like ski for a few days till im sick of it and drink hot chocolate another jigsaw puzzle and must have a disney character(no i dont mean the jonas brothers or miley i mean like winnie the pooh or mickey mouse and the gang)
hahahas…wheee i hope to accomplish this mann


10 Jan

BYES SEE YA SOON!!!!!!!!!!!BYE UNCLE VON AND TUA EE hehehes…i have to admit it was rather amusing to have a british guy for an uncle and an adventurous one in food at that!!Hahahas anyways you guys have a safe trip home and be careful on all those pavements and walkways or anywhere basically since its super slippery back home.Hope you guys had a great trip and hope to see you guys soon…


10 Jan

i find it interesting how people put up a picture and says it a class when not everybody is there, or when they say they miss people when they didnt treat them with respect when they were with them.We often say that we treat our friends with respect what about those whom we dont consider our friends?Do we put on a facade and pretend to care and say we miss them?or perhaps we say hi and acknowledge their presence after graduation but throughout their entire school life you dont acknowledge their existence??
im not saying im not like this , im sure i must have been and im utterly sorry for it.Realised it now…But anyways this is for an ex-class of mine whom said some stuff and i realised the irony of it all and sadly the mean things that they said and did to classmates of mine.


8 Jan

hahahas looking for a friend to go out with tomorrow…anyone free?