26 Dec

can’t seem to stop thinking about christmas.About the gift(not gifts) just gift.Jesus being that gift and that has still and will be my fav gift of all.About life itself, the entire year and about friendships formed and friendships that have been partially lost.
Firstly all the pictures and memories that i have from carolling and camp , just wanted to say THANKS U GUYS!!!!
Secondly, friendships, the sleepover….hehes that was amusing the popcorn yayss
lastly, there are too many things and i feel too lazy hehehes so i shall stop here.

love this pic


One Response to “christmas”

  1. annemahendran December 29, 2009 at 12:16 pm #

    JAZZIE! <3i loved the sleepover too, i think the popcorn was the highlight of the night(: and regarding your last post on faith, it happened to me too, somewhere this year!

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