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29 Dec

2009 is nearly over….but this post isnt about what i did this year.In fact it probably has no relation to that whatsoever.hahahas I remember when i was about 8 ,i would dream and wish of what i would be doing when i was 17 and the year 2009 seemed so utterly far away.After all 9 years is alot when you’re only 8!!!hahas I would dream of jc , my bf and everything under the sun.hahahas how life has changed from my barbie dream to jazlyn’s life.Its not bad hahas i like my life but that doesnt mean i don’t wonder what issit like to have skinny stomach, legs or have super nice clothes or have like a korean drama in your life …and yes dearie the popcorn was my ABSOLUTE FAV PART TOO HAHAHAS…AND THE POPCORN TASTES NICER WHEN YOU SEE IT POPPINGG!!! 4159810179_2c37c4ebd0 I found this picture, and it reminded me of my life when i was 8 and my house kind of looks like that too.In the us anyways…hahahas Anyway the picture reminded me of real friendship and how when you’re younger the problems that seemed so big to you is now nothing but a mere spot in you’re life.Compared to the other things on you’re mind.Lols btw for those who are reading this, im not having any problems-.-

Footnote:i wonder when will the day come when i will blog about my past as a 17 yr old and what does 2010 have in store for me


26 Dec

can’t seem to stop thinking about christmas.About the gift(not gifts) just gift.Jesus being that gift and that has still and will be my fav gift of all.About life itself, the entire year and about friendships formed and friendships that have been partially lost.
Firstly all the pictures and memories that i have from carolling and camp , just wanted to say THANKS U GUYS!!!!
Secondly, friendships, the sleepover….hehes that was amusing the popcorn yayss
lastly, there are too many things and i feel too lazy hehehes so i shall stop here.

love this pic


21 Dec

Today, all it took was rain for me to test my faith.As i was walking back home , it suddenly started to drizzle so i was saying DONT LET IT RAIN GOD I KNOW I DONT HAVE ALOT OF FAITH RIGHT NOW BUT DONT and the rain didnt pour till i reached my blocks wheeYou may think it was luck but it wasnt and im super happyyy

uncommon man

19 Dec

hahahhas, today was reading someone’s blog about an uncommon man.Basically an uncommon man (apparently) is one that is a man who puts his wife before him.And is like the sweetest guy ever!!photo10230
hahahas this here is park jin woo isnt he absolutely cute?!?!?!hahahas till i find one he shall by my uncommon man!!!!!

This is how we overcome

19 Dec

Your light broke through my night
Restored exceeding joy
Your grace fell like the rain
And made this desert live

You have turned my mourning into dancing
You have turned my sorrow into joy

Your hand lifted me up
I stand on higher ground
Your praise rose in my heart
And made this valley sing

This is how we overcome
This is how we overcome

We sang this during camp and i still cant get this outta my head….so here it is!!!!(look up )


5 Dec

lols learnt 2 things today
1.God is like a owner of a fish tank and of course we are the fish. It was amazing, i never thought about it in that way nor was i able to understand why Jesus was born, came , died.Till now!!Don’t get me wrong, i knew he did it because he loved us but when i realised that it was the only way that would actually last it just made life even more special.
2.decolgen works wonders hahahas

learnt 1 thing during these past few days
Never ask a guy questions…hahahas majority of them are not worth asking and listening to their answers about it.