proposal and love

30 Nov

lol…im suppose to be studying…but erm decided to write??
lol today’s topic ….love? love is such a complicated yet simple matter.When our parents or our friends love us, it is fact of life that is so simple and so easy.However when it comes to couples, our love becomes complicated , because that is a love that tests our boundaries and causes us to change our mindsets and our thoughts on really loving someone that has become someone you can’t seem to live without.Our friends and family , the love we have for them aren’t really affected by our emotions but …. that special someone affects our emotions , changes our thoughts on life, predictability and even to some soulmates.
today i watched this reality show called perfect proposal.In which a guy plans this entire event just to trick his wife and propose to her…awwws He bought her a christmas gift made her exchange it only to get the wedding ring instead.After which he walked towards her and popped the question.Awwwws it was super sweet !!!!!

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