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proposal and love

30 Nov

lol…im suppose to be studying…but erm decided to write??
lol today’s topic ….love? love is such a complicated yet simple matter.When our parents or our friends love us, it is fact of life that is so simple and so easy.However when it comes to couples, our love becomes complicated , because that is a love that tests our boundaries and causes us to change our mindsets and our thoughts on really loving someone that has become someone you can’t seem to live without.Our friends and family , the love we have for them aren’t really affected by our emotions but …. that special someone affects our emotions , changes our thoughts on life, predictability and even to some soulmates.
today i watched this reality show called perfect proposal.In which a guy plans this entire event just to trick his wife and propose to her…awwws He bought her a christmas gift made her exchange it only to get the wedding ring instead.After which he walked towards her and popped the question.Awwwws it was super sweet !!!!!


26 Nov

when you get candy it means life is dandy,
buy glasses and get a free lamborghini,
guess what i’m not a genie

when life gives you shit , plant a tree:)

chicken nuggets
fis nuggets
nuggets on a stick
whatcha gona do but cook em’ real quick

today was pastor aaron erm becoming a elder!!!hahahas and we got him this super cute bear that looks exactly like him seriously….
lols im not inside the pictures tht they took cause i was too short while standing behind trying to hug the bear and protect it before giving it to pastor aaron…sniff sniff hahahas
pastor ruben became a deacon too!!!!


19 Nov

staring into space thoughts : we often think we know what is going on but we never stop to find out whether is it really true and whether are we only just assuming we know everything.
too many things i need to do and yet i have yet to do it. one group says i need to do this, the other says no mine is important, and even another says u’d better come its compulsory fullstop. I can’t split myself all i can do is close my eyes and pray and hope really hard all this goes away… tired and should have known better..haixx


17 Nov

some things are just meant to be written, others are meant to be spoken…lol sounds cool don’t you think?Anyways alot of interesting things happened(ok stupid and amusing)
1.I saw President obama’s car going off to the airport with all the other dignitaries in like the vans going to the airport hehes but the only sad thing was that we had to wait for like 15 minutes so they could drive by and like half the time there wasn’t even any car on the road…hahahas and my dad was like super cute trying to take a picture and my mum was like errr…hahahahas
2.i made alot of handshakes and what nots to do with my friends yays!!
3.I realised the older you grow the more easily you’re found in hide and seek unless you’re shakila and alicia erm then its a different matter altogether


9 Nov

Alot of times we say that we are influenced by the world and that it is so hard to stop.However is it really the world that influences us or our judgement and personality and character and the basis which we put our values in that causes us to think that it is ok to be influenced and listen to the rest of the world.We can blame the world but whether or not we change is truly by us, by our values and our character.
Instead of blaming this ever changing world, why not stop to think whether it is us, who does not want to be left behind and changes to fit with the rest of the world that is changing so utterly fast.

p.s. just my thoughts on it lol been thinking about it.


5 Nov

Im tired yet i dont feel tired but i know im tired.In the sense that im tired but too used to it until it doesnt bother me and i want to continue to work…hahahas that has both its good and bad sides…