5 Oct

I wonder how many times in life we try to understand the things Jesus went through, in order for us to be saved.But have we ever thought how much God went through by letting his son die for us?From a kid’s point of view, i’ll have to say it is rather hard to comprehend the difficulity and the sense of losing one’s child.But after i read these two books even now and ever after i found myself understand a super small bit of the difficulties he had to go through in order for him to make this decision of letting his child go through everything in his life time as a human and especially his death.
I wonder, despite all that God knew the benefits that this sacrifice would reap, especially for us to be his sons and daughters and for us to know that we are loved and accepted and to give us hope for our life after our death, it still must have been so hard.After all, this is his child, the one that he loved, just like our parents and how they love us, God’s love is overflowing and so wonderful and pure for his child.He still had to let Jesus go.
Sorry, God …. at times(okay alot of times) don’t think we are worth it and yet you still find us such treasures.Lol hahahas thats something super nice and cool…

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