21 Sep

I wrote this at the start of my holidays…hehes….let’s see what i have completed
I have done 1,part of number 2, 4,5 partly(bof is done:)),6,8,9…hahahas not bad:P
things i want to do
hahas my list of things i want to do during my holidays
1. fix my jigsaw puzzle(its disneyy)
2.learn how to play cannon in D
3.restart my flute lesson(hardest of all) loads of comics
5.plan the events bof n caroling several more movies that i want to watch
7.bake!!! clothes,cds something weird and random

on another note to remind me:FUSE…hahas it was super funny, during the meeting when joel was talking about FUSING everything!!hehehes after that we all had brain damage for the next few minutes, talk about complete silence.Hahahahas


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