19 Aug

its weird…. how people always end up marrying their best friends.I guess its true when they say friendships last.I guess when it comes to dating or even marrying if you marry just for love, it may end up fading away but if you marry for friendships it will last due to their long friendships.After all friendships last the longest, dont they?And sides whats the point of males and females having best friends of the same gender if everyone has the same taste?hahahas noo point
so what is friendship to you?
To me it is knowing the weaknesses of that person but accepting it anyway, being able to talk to the person crap or serious stuff and trust and being able to stand me hahahahas.Other friends said someone who will be there for you no matter what, wont backstab/talk bad etc and must be able to talk, tell each other their weaknesses,most number of things you have in common with the person and someone whom you can share and talk to.
p.s. i didnt have any idea that the post would end up being like this


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