14 Jul

Everybody seems to be going somewhere in life, and i seem to be stuck in a rut.Getting lost and confused seems like a normal part of my life. Figuring out who i am seems to be like the hardest part in life.Of course i could be absolutely wrong but who knows?
Makes me wonder whether do i have friends or do i have people who just know me by name and leave me behind?Is that what my friendship is to you?Of course im not talking about everyone and most likely the people whom im saying are not my closest friends but you’re still suppose to be my friend….
But there is still a part of me that is happy that i am just drifting along in life, getting used to a new environment, and the changes that takes place in the old.I’m happy for my friends and the things they are experiencing in life, but i wish that i sometimes i could experience it toos…hahahahas of course they don’t need to share the experiences, that i don’t really want or need

im honestly happy but i wish it could be different


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