27 Jun

today shall be the one of the few times where my post describes my day….hahas it was super fun i went to watch transformers with anne, shak, deb, lz, leon, ken, samuel, shaun, marcus and victor. hahahahs we were like laughing the whole day special thanks to anne deb and shakila especially deb who made all of us choke during lunch!!hahahas i absolutely loved hanging out with you guysgirls are the best!!!hahahas After that we went for the bgr seminar, it was okay definitely not something new but i was kinda hoping for the part that didnt come out in the end…sads…oh and we have bible study…hahas i learnt alot today and also found out i really can’t remember alot of things!!
oh and this is to veron:im soo sorry bimbo…i really honestly am i wasn’t thinking im sorry


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