22 Jun

i wonder do all of us have in mind the perfect love life or is it just a figment of our imagination?Girls watch korean dramas, like hot korean actors or other actors too. But perhaps what we are really chasing for are memories and experience in life.I’m not really sure how to answer to true love and dating but i guess its definitely something we all want(and i’ve got proof ppl in church!!!last sunday’s sermon) and we all wish to have one be it now , later or perhaps we have already experienced.It’s up to us, whether we want to wait and have a wonderful relationship with all the maturity that we can have or one that is fun and wonderful but doesn’t last long.I’m definitely not saying that dating young ensures that you will break up but i guess it more inevitable as compared to those who are old and ahem wiser(lao le).til then ….hahahas i’ll have to see how long i’ll take before having one

One Response to “interesting??”

  1. lz91 at 7:15 am #

    haha expert (:

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