13 Jun

church camp ended this week!i guess it has been a learning experience for me and i guess a lesson learnt on friends and so on…and definitely thank rachel for like being a bimbo with me.For everything she has accompanied me with.lols…hair drying and so much more!!!
nich…some small 5 yr old who really made my day, after all he was super cute and for the guys for entertaining me and scaring me hahahas and for bimbo jie jie hahahahas who like sleeps half the day and is super hyper the other half!
and my roomies clarice and rach for entertaining me and veronica the two bof fans!!
i have taken away alot from this camp but i guess there will always be some things that one wishes to never take back with them.i know its brief but i don’t want to spend too much time writing on this.
this post is just a little reminder for me


One Response to “camp”

  1. lz91 June 30, 2009 at 11:50 pm #

    lol bimbo

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