1 Jun

happy birthday to ken and wen bin!lols i know its kinda late but better now than never right?!?! hahahas so anyways we gave ken a present(he must soo love clarice for it) and a cake !!and can you believe it he was didn’t believe us about the present!HMPH but he was happy lols, it was a fun sunday hehe

This week is also known as mid sem test week and i totally screwed up my pom paper, now im just hoping to pass and if i wish really hard maybe i’ll get an A but i doubt.Manns must now chiong for micro econs and FA1 and study super hard for pom for sem test if not i wont get my A or even a B!!Ahhh chiong!!!!

On another note, i’ve discovered somethings that i realised i shouldn’t have done!So i shall try my best not to do it otherwise the situation at hand may become weird for me…lols jazlyn shall try her bestChurch Camp!!! i shall try it out there and totally enjoy myself and refresh and relax before coming back to do work and projects!

p.s. i shall do a few more memes after exams


One Response to “birthdays”

  1. lz91 June 2, 2009 at 10:58 am #

    he loves me tooo

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