23 May

i was asked these questions today:what did i join one voice for?Is my purpose the same as it was when i first joined?What should we do for nepal?
Today i watched as marcus shared about his time in nepal and it brought back so many memories and millions of thoughts flooded my mind as i remembered the time i spend there. I realised in many ways philippines was much worser off in terms of the number of people starving ,the places of worship and the sound system ,even the language barrier. Nepal people speak english rather fluently and even their buildings are not huts like most of the slums in cebu but instead it is made out of cement and bricks. The people there eat more in one meal than we do in a day, but what they lack is the exposure not the equipment and for some perhaps the money to eat, live…. but most of all what they lack is the world in all its wondrous glory. For example the sea or even the way we live or perhaps a certain band, concert, tv show whichever it may be it is still part of our world. So what should we do there?

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