18 May

i always find some way to do something weird be it in school or in church or just about anywhere for that matter.
1.random song:everybody loves to pee
loves to pee
loves to pee
everybody loves to pee
loves to pee
soo lets all go and pee!!(sung to the tune of london bridge)

2.random picture of our hands that we drew during FA1 lecture and BOA tutorial

3.hmm another random thing
hahas question do monks fall asleep while meditating?cause i know i accidentally fell asleep while doing soaking(alot of other people did too!in my defense)

4.last random thing of this post:
play choo choo trains with shak while pretending random ducks,sheeps,cows,chickens,old grandma,turtles,falling bowls of porridge fall from the sky(ceiling and we ate finish all the porridge up yumm)

hahahas well…i cant think of anymore for now…mans gotta go study now pooh

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