so tired of studying

12 May

ok i’ll admit my school hours are much shorter,definitely better!Today i only had one hour of school instead of 2 now who can beat that?!?!but the massive amounts of projects due i’d rather trade and get longer school hours sometimes.Instead of spending all my free time doing work.hahahas oh on another note ,i saw this phrase written on the bench as i was walking back ‘boys are happy to be deaf’ hahahahahhas sometimes i think i totally agree lols we girls talk alot but sometimes guys talk alot too!!So i partially agree and im partially insulted!excuse me we arent that bad lols

oh ya this is for abigail(sgm) and for everyone else who thinks that way: i am not emo!!!!I am just super tired and want to play alot more.
ahhh projects projects and more projects!!!!


One Response to “so tired of studying”

  1. lz91 May 13, 2009 at 9:31 pm #

    EH Im so kind, give you so many eProps, so you must go for the bbq 🙂 then sunday can study with me, L, s, k, and whoever! hahaha. however I think that girls are more deaf than guys, you see when they go shopping the things talking to them are the clothes and accessories and no matter how much the guys TRY to convey a message they turn a blind eye and deaf ear.LOL and its quite hard to read your posts!!!!! you dont use paragraphs or spacings after your punctuation! lol

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